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Career Education and Prep
Paws in Jobland

Paws in Jobland is an excellent site where students can go to explore the world of jobs. They have the opportunity to take a career quiz which will match them with jobs according to their likes and/or dislikes. It is a really fun page to explore...go ahead try it! You never know what you might discover!

Internet and computer safety

Everything you need to know about internet safety is in this one site. It's for parents, teens, kids, teachers,'s for everyone. It has games, videos, and advice on what is safe and what is NOT safe when you are online!! Check it out!!

Bullying Education

This is a great site to gather the facts about bullying. It also provides some great videos about bullying.

Safety Info for Kids
Danger Rangers

The Danger Rangers are a group of animals who have cool adventures while teaching all types of safety to kids. Topics included are Fire Safety, Medicine Safety, Water Safety and so much more. The site is interactive and provides games, activites, and videos for children.